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Earnest Writes Publishing has been created to support writers with a level of personal touch and support.

“We care about our writers, and we want to support them best as they accomplish their dreams.”

Often at the time of publishing, writers have to run for editors / proofreaders / graphic designers and more at different places, it’s hard to find and manage things at time. It is undeniable, how much it tires a writer out almost to the point of demotivation.

Which is why we are here for you!

We provide all services under one roof, from editing to proofreading and cover making, it’s all provided here alongside motivation, encouragement and support

One-on-one service

Whether you opt for Indie or self-publish, we offer an inherently personal approach to all our clients even those who are just visiting our bookstore.

Easy access

All books get an offer to be featured on the bookstore free of charge no matter which product you choose.

Earnest writes publishing

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We, the team of Earnest Writes Hub, intend to make writing as a career for those who love writing and want to voice out their words and emotions through books.

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Countless authors have started their career with us

With our inherently human approach we can guarantee you’ll get what you need right here.





What They Say

S.A. Khan

When I saw EWP, it was amazing how it provided all services under one roof! From editing to proofreading and cover making it’s all provided here! Not to forget their constant motivation, encouragement and support on their WhatsApp branch – Earnest Writes Community, has been unconditional and just the right place to trust my works with.

Boakye D. Alpha

EWP is not just a place to get your books published but it is where you find a home for your books. Get your books the love and care they deserve, get them published with EWP.

Carli Buckle

Earnest writes publishing has such a personal touch and quality work at an affordable price especially compared to other organizations. There’s no one I trust more than these people with the stories that are close to my heart and that I want to see grow.¬†