Marketing services​

Marketing is often forgotten after the launch but this is exactly when it is needed! These services is for marketing pre and post book launch.


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Social media marketing

  • Evaluation of current marketing efforts
  • Assisting with the setup of channels
  • Set-up resources for curating, creating, scheduling and analyzing content
  • Introduction to PPC advertising
  • Discuss holiday and end of year sale strategies 

Marketing strategy

  • Website copy, design and SEO (does not include setup of domain)
  • Blog topics and strategy
  • Social media management and content
  • Email marketing tactics
  • Blogger outreach strategy


  • Complete visial branding that aligns with tone and feel of current efforts 
  • Letterhead, logo, two social banners and cover image
  • Branding report containing tone and media guidelines

Instagram author/book page

  • Set up of channel
  • Discussion on brand and tone
  • First 3 posts + Walkthrough

Book launch plan

  • Launch plan 101 checklist
  • Keyword research
  • Graphic presentation for promotions
  • Social channel overview

Social media setup guide

  • Overview of each channel
  • Basics, setup and management
  • Comprehensive PDF guide

Book marketing kit (Selected countries)

  • 50x Business cards, postcards, bookmarks
  • Full color cover on front, customized tex on back

Bookables package(selected countries)

  • 50 bookable cards
  • 100x bookmarks, postcards, business cards

Chapter sell sheet

  • Includes all relevant information, including keynote and marketing efforts


  • 50 clicks – 3 keywords
  • 100 clicks – 5 keywords
  • 500 clicks – 15 keywords


  • Report on SEO efforts
  • Suggestions on how to improve
  • Keyword research

Social media package

  • 30 posts
  • Suggested hashtags
  • In line with brand and tone

Facebook and amazon marketing campaigns

  • Custom audience
  • Ad will show to !M users on Facebook and instagram feeds
  • Report on campaign

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