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Indie publishing packages

Want to choose a package that involves all you need to publish, including your personal publishing agent that supplies sales reports and other analytics? Click here for an easy guided process to lead up to your launch.


Self publishing services

Under this Publishing, the author can do the following things:

Editing, proofreading services

Editing services to make sure your book is in peak condition before its launch.

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Graphic design services

These services are all about presentation, telling a story through visual means and getting the interest of an audience

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Marketing services

Marketing is something many struggle with. Your book is published but what do you do now, how do you pull in that audience that will love your book? We’ve got you covered.


Indexing services

All about the information within your book and when you pull information from outside the book. Very important to each and every book that gets published.

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Book review services

Each author understands the importance of reviews. People trust other people and thus they trust reviews more than the description of the book. They want to be assured they will enjoy the book before spending the money on it. 

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Other services

A variety of services you might be interested in as an author; such as rapid release, translations and turning your story into an audiobook.


Why choose one of our packages?

Packages are a relatively stress free option. All you need is included within one package with an agent guiding you throughout the whole process. 


“We care about our writers, and we want to support them best as they accomplish their dreams.”

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EWP is not just a place to get your books published but it is where you find a home for your books. Get your books the love and care they deserve, get them published with EWP.